Join the largest challenge-driven virtual hackathon, co-located with DeveloperWeek 2022!


Join the largest challenge-driven  virtual hackathon, co-located with DeveloperWeek 2022! Our hackathons regularly attract over 600+ participants, and we are inviting the international developer community to converge online this year for the DeveloperWeek 2022 Hackathon!


January 24 - February 8, 2022

 1. Register via Eventbrite.

2. Create a DevPost account and click Register on the DevPost DeveloperWeek 2022 Hackathon page.

3. DeveloperWeek 2022 Hackathon Kicks off January 24, 2022!

 Check out the full DeveloperWeek 2022 Hackathon schedule!

4. Review Hackathon Instruction here!

* All Hackathon Attendees must be pre-registered on Eventbrite & DevPost.


View the Full Set of Instructions here!

  • Registration - Must register via Eventbrite & Devpost prior to Hackathon.
  • This is a virtual hackathon. Teams will be formed on or in person at DeveloperWeek 2022 Hackathon. From Devpost participants can message each other to form teams, participate in chat boards, and communicate with sponsors.
  • Teams can build apps from scratch (Mobile App / Consumer Web App / Business Web App).
  • Teams can solve no challenges (build whatever you want) or can submit to as many challenges as they want.
  • There will be 2 rounds of judging. During Round One, judges will review all team projects and fill out a scoring sheet on each to determine the Overall Winner. Round Two is the Sponsor Round. Each sponsor will judge the teams working on their Challenge and determine a winner. The sponsors will choose their own prizes and choose their own prize winners.
  • Round one judging will be based on 1) How much progress you make 2) Concept – does it solve a real problem? and 3) Feasibility – could this become a startup or company.


Hackathon Sponsors


$43,200 in prizes


1st Place Prize: - Amazon Echos (Up to 5) - DevNetwork Premium All-Access Passes to all 2022 - virtual conferences - Announcement in our email to 60,000 subscribers listing your team and project.

Harness Challenge - Coming SOON!

DETAILS COMING SOON! + Agora Challenge - Build New and Smarter Human Connection Experiences with Agora and (3)

1st Place: $2500.00 in cash + $1500.00 in developer credits + developer swag
2nd Place: $1250.00 in cash + $750.00 in developer credits + developer swag
Special Category: $250 + 25K Agora Credits
Questions -

Conversations are more than just an exchange of words, but are the essential fibers of meaningful human connections. We collaborate on projects, share content, attend conferences anywhere in the world, have virtual game nights, etc… all with a few simple clicks. These connections and experiences are made possible by innovators and builders, such as yourself.

Take this challenge as an opportunity to dream and bring to life new human connection experiences. Combine Agora’s rich interactive experience APIs with’s conversation intelligence (AI that understands natural human conversations) to build a more enhanced and smarter conversation experience for any use case of your choice.

Examples may include enhancing accessibility experiences, building a virtual meeting assistant, enabling live captioning for streaming, analyzing sales conversations at scale, automating workflows from sprint meetings etc…the possibilities are only limited by your own imagination. Good luck and happy hacking.

HackerRank Challenge - Coming SOON!


Bridgecrew Challenge #1 - Build a secure cloud native application

1st Place: $200 gift card for a custom keyboard
Questions - Contact:

It's one thing to build a cloud native application fast, but can you also make it secure? Tools like Bridgecrew can help. We provide automated feedback and guardrails to secure cloud native applications from code to cloud.

For this challenge, we’re looking for you to build a secure cloud native application that solves a real world challenge (eCommerce, banking, investment application, etc.). We’re looking to be impressed by the complexity of your application that stays within the bounds of security and compliance requirements. The application you build must be unique (no forking a repo and calling it a day) and secure. Security will be based on minimizing the number of medium to critical severity issues in your infrastructure as code and container images, based on a scan by the Bridgecrew platform.

- Code must be frameworks supported by Bridgecrew
- Applications must have at least one IaC file, one Kubernetes manifest, and one Dockerfile

Entries will be judged on complexity (number and capability of microservices, cloud resources, and connections between them) and how well the application performs its business case. Each service or resource that has a medium or higher severity issue will not be included in the judging.

Happy Hacking!

Bridgecrew Challenge #2 - Secure a badly misconfigured IaC file (10)

10 challengers will receive a $10 giftcard

Questions - contact:

Infrastructure as code security tools provides a scalable, codified way to build new infrastructure. Leveraging open source modules can help you build even faster. However, even if fully deployable, they are not always secure.

DevSecOps builds in security feedback and guardrails throughout the development process. Bridgecrew is one tool that can help you find and fix misconfigurations at scale. For this challenge, take our IaC security training tool - TerraGoat - and secure one provider. Take one provider (AWS, Azure, or GCP) and fix all of the misconfigurations higher than low severity to win!

How it works:
- Fork TerraGoat
- Pick a provider (AWS, Azure, or GCP)
- Scan it with Bridgecrew
- Fix all of the misconfigurations with a severity of Medium or higher
- Send the link over for review

- No removing files or resource blocks

Judging will be performed by checking that all resource blocks are in place and then scanned by Bridgecrew for any Medium or higher misconfigurations

Webhookie AB Challenge - Demonstrate the power of event-driven webhook APIs with a use case of your choice (2)

1st Place: $2000
2nd Place: $1000
Questions - Contact:

Data integration is fundamental to our connected world. Event-driven APIs have the power to automate
processes and connect businesses in a much faster and more agile way than traditional integration methods.

The challenge is to imagine any use case where event-driven webhook APIs can add value and to demonstrate it
with a working solution.

Examples are everywhere - any B2B process, sharing of real time updates to central data repositories, IoT events,
events through AI identification, nearly anywhere you can see event-driven API use cases.

We are looking for an end-to-end solution that is working and runable that demonstrates real-value with the addition of
webhook APIs using webhookie.

Devpost Achievements

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Geoffrey Domoracki

Geoffrey Domoracki
Founder, DevNetwork

Judging Criteria

  • Progress
    How much progress did you make?
  • Concept
    Does it solve a real problem?
  • Feasibility
    Could this become a startup or company?

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