1st Place Prize: - (2) Amazon Echos (Up to 5) - DevNetwork Premium All-Access Passes to all 2022 virtual conferences - Announcement in our email to 60,000 subscribers listing your team and project Build a web or mobile app solution that solves a real-world challenge (for people or companies) in a new, innovative way. Most important factors are: Innovation, Practicality, and Progress on the application in the allotted time.




Harness Challenge #1-  Deploy your Hackathon entry using Harness Continuous Delivery

1st Place: $500 cash + $500 credit on
2nd Place: $250 cash + $250 credit on
Questions -

Deploy your app to a Kubernetes cluster, such as AWS, GCP, Azure, or any other K8s hosting company using's Continuous Deployment, or the the Harness CD Community Edition on your laptop The first team to demo your app deployed wins $500 cash + $500 credit. The second team wins $250 + $250 credit. You do not have to finish your entire app in order to enter, however, you do have to deploy a functioning app.

Harness Challenge #2 - Best Completely New App

1st Place: $500 cash + $500 credit on
2nd Place: $250 cash + $250 credit on
Questions -

This challenge does not require you use Harness before you win. But it does require that you configure your app to deploy using Harness after you win, in order to receive your prize. This challenge is for the best best completely new app (code may be inspected by Harness) by a team of at least 3 developers working remotely. While you can have known each other ahead of time, your app must not have been entered into any other contest before. The only Harness requirement for this is that they must deploy your app using Harness (either before or after you are selected) in order to receive this award. Again, you can do the Harness work AFTER you win. + Agora

Challenge - Build New and Smarter Human Connection Experiences with Agora and

1st Place: $1500.00 in cash + $1500.00 in developer credits & developer swag + 50K free Agora credits + Amazon Echo or Apple HomePod Mini
2nd Place: $750.00 in cash + $750.00 in developer credits & developer swag + 25K free Agora credits + Amazon Echo or Apple HomePod Mini

Questions -

Conversations are more than just an exchange of words, but are the essential fibers of meaningful human connections. We collaborate on projects, share content, attend conferences anywhere in the world, have virtual game nights, etc… all with a few simple clicks. These connections and experiences are made possible by innovators and builders, such as yourself.

Take this challenge as an opportunity to dream and bring to life new human connection experiences. Combine Agora’s rich interactive experience APIs with’s conversation intelligence (AI that understands natural human conversations) to build a more enhanced and smarter conversation experience for any use case of your choice.

Examples may include enhancing accessibility experiences, building a virtual meeting assistant, enabling live captioning for streaming, analyzing sales conversations at scale, automating workflows from sprint meetings etc…the possibilities are only limited by your own imagination. Submissions must combine and Agora APIs to qualify, and "bonus points" for using the extension in Agora's Extensions Marketplace (see Agora's hackathon for more details). Good luck and happy hacking.

Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Sign up for a free developer account using this link (it will give you $150 in free credits)

  2. Sign up for an agora developer account 

  3. Review the resources below and start building Resources: Docs Postman Collection Slack Community

Follow on Twitter Github - Projects to help you get started


Agora Dev Resources:

Agora Developer Resource Page

Agora SDK 4.0

Agora Low-Code UIKit frameworks

Agora no-code app builder

Agora RTE Community Slack to connect with our devs and fellow developers




Challenge -  Agora Extensions Marketplace Challenge

1st Prize: $1,000
2nd Prize: $500
Questions - Contact: or join our Dev slack channel

For this challenge, we are looking for you to build an app that uses the Agora Android/iOS Video SDKs with any of our current Partner Extensions to solve real world problems. Go bold, be creative, and make your ideas come to life!
Show us how you can reimage the future of education, gaming, retail, social, telehealth, workforce, or any other vertical you choose.

Get inspired by checking out our existing tutorials (see below), your current industry, or maybe your community. The Agora Extensions Marketplace provides excellent features that enhance the overall app experience:

  • Bose PinPoint - Reduce and remove unwanted background noise from microphones and speakers right in your app. 
  • Banuba Face AR SDK – Add real-time 3D masks and AR face filters to your mobile app.
  • Voicemod – Give users the ability to transform their voice in realtime with fun effects.
  • Synervoz Voice FX – Add voice effects like echo, reverb, flanger, and pitch shift.
  • (Android only) - Live captioning, transcription, and conversational intelligence
  • Marsview (Android only) – Conversational intelligence
  • DoreSegment (iOS only) – Remove backgrounds

Reasons why you should enter the challenge:

  • A chance to win great prizes
  • Earn bragging rights and boost to your professional portfolio including on LinkedIn/resume profile
  • Kickstarting or improving upon your existing business
  • Agora Marketing promotions
  • Other potential perks not listed

Entries will be judged by how well you implement and present the best use case using the Agora Android/iOS Video SDKs and/or with any of the Marketplace extensions mentioned above. This can range from real-time noise reduction, voice effects or face filters to real-time translation and sentiment analysis—just about anything that enhances the app or overall user experience.

Show us how you can drive value for your business. Happy Hacking!

Agora Resources for Developers:



Challenge #1 - Build a secure cloud native application

1st Place: $200 gift card for a custom keyboard

Questions - Contact:

It's one thing to build a cloud native application fast, but can you also make it secure? Tools like Bridgecrew can help. We provide automated feedback and guardrails to secure cloud native applications from code to cloud.

For this challenge, we’re looking for you to build a secure cloud native application that solves a real world challenge (eCommerce, banking, investment application, etc.). We’re looking to be impressed by the complexity of your application that stays within the bounds of security and compliance requirements. The application you build must be unique (no forking a repo and calling it a day) and secure. Security will be based on minimizing the number of medium to critical severity issues in your infrastructure as code and container images, based on a scan by the Bridgecrew platform.

- Code must be frameworks supported by Bridgecrew
- Applications must have at least one IaC file, one Kubernetes manifest, and one Dockerfile

Entries will be judged on complexity (number and capability of microservices, cloud resources, and connections between them) and how well the application performs its business case. Each service or resource that has a medium or higher severity issue will not be included in the judging.

Happy Hacking!

Challenge #2 - Secure a badly misconfigured IaC file

10 challengers will receive a $10 giftcard

Questions - contact:

Infrastructure as code security tools provides a scalable, codified way to build new infrastructure. Leveraging open source modules can help you build even faster. However, even if fully deployable, they are not always secure.

DevSecOps builds in security feedback and guardrails throughout the development process. Bridgecrew is one tool that can help you find and fix misconfigurations at scale. For this challenge, take our IaC security training tool - TerraGoat - and secure one provider. Take one provider (AWS, Azure, or GCP) and fix all of the misconfigurations higher than low severity to win!

How it works:
- Fork TerraGoat
- Pick a provider (AWS, Azure, or GCP)
- Scan it with Bridgecrew
- Fix all of the misconfigurations with a severity of Medium or higher
- Send the link over for review

- No removing files or resource blocks

Judging will be performed by checking that all resource blocks are in place and then scanned by Bridgecrew for any Medium or higher misconfigurations


Webhookie AB

Challenge: Demonstrate the power of event-driven webhook APIs with a use case of your choice

1st Place: $2000

2nd Place: $1000

Questions - Contact:

Data integration is fundamental to our connected world. Event-driven APIs have the power to automate
processes and connect businesses in a much faster and more agile way than traditional integration methods.

The challenge is to imagine any use case where event-driven webhook APIs can add value and to demonstrate it
with a working solution.

Examples are everywhere - any B2B process, sharing of real time updates to central data repositories, IoT events,
events through AI identification, nearly anywhere you can see event-driven API use cases.


We are looking for an end-to-end solution that is working and runable that demonstrates real-value with the addition of
webhook APIs using webhookie.



Challenge: Build an Awesome Privacy Preserving Demo With Skyflow’s Data Privacy Vault

1st Prize: $1,000 Gift Card to
2nd Prize: $500 Git Card to
All participants that submit a working application will receive Skyflow swag.

To participate, register for a Skyflow account here:
We will create a sandbox account for you and add you to a Slack channel for asking questions.

The Challenge: Skyflow is a zero trust data privacy vault delivered as an API. The Skyflow data privacy vault makes it easy to securely and safely store user’s sensitive data like their phone number, name, social security number, and credit card enabling businesses to address issues like data governance, residency, and compliance. Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to create something innovative and awesome that utilizes Skyflow’s APIs.

Background: Every consumer wants to believe that their sensitive data is safe and that they have control over how businesses are using it. However, it’s incredibly difficult for many companies to secure user data, leading to data breaches and loss of consumer trust.

The reason this is a challenge for businesses is that often privacy and security come as afterthoughts once the product is already in use. At that point, user data is being captured, moved, and replicated throughout the company’s systems, moving from the consumer product to databases, into a data warehouse for analytics, and beyond. Engineers in the company have come and gone, so they lose track of where, why, and how user data is being used.

Skyflow advocates for a new way of thinking about data privacy. Similar to how we treat our database login credentials as special and don’t store them in plaintext mixed with our less sensitive server configuration information, we shouldn’t store sensitive user data commingled with other less sensitive application data. It should be stored separately in a vault, isolated and protected, and available through a simple API.

What We Are Looking For: For the challenge, we are looking for you to utilize Skyflow’s product in an innovative way. Here are a few example ideas to get you thinking, but you are not limited to these:

Automatically detect sharing of sensitive data in chat and tokenize values but allow de-tokenization with proper authority
Build a privacy-preserving machine learning model
Create a HIPPA compliant chatbot
Build a privacy-preserving data analytics pipeline

Your completed application should be available as open source on GitHub.

Judging: Entries will be judged on originality, completeness, and utility. Each entry should be solving a real data privacy use case.


80 Level

Challenge:  Articles' slider for 80 LV Website 

1st Prize: Interview on the 80lv website, with social media promotion and possibility to promote your projects.
1 - Job posting on 80lv Talent platform for 30 days with the marketing support.
2 - Twitter posts
2nd Prize: Interview on the 80lv website, with social media promotion and possibility to promote your projects.
2 - Twitter posts
Questions - Contact:

Create a library (react component), with the data for initialization (array of articles) and part with tags, a preview of the article (image), the title of the article. The slider should include up to 20 elements (articles).

Extra small: 320px - 567px
Small: 568px - 674px
Medium: 675px - 971px
Large: 972px - 1079px
Extra Large: 1080px - 1439px
Wide: from 1440px


Challenge: The Evolution of Tech

1st Prize: A Backlit LED, Gaming Keyboard for the whole team
2nd Prize: Full HackerRank Swag Box
Questions - Contact:

Our mission is to accelerate the world's innovation, so we're looking for the next big idea. If you have an idea that improves technology we want to see it. If it seems fun or cool or weird or wonderful, we're in. The winner is the team with the best example of taking everyday technology to the next generation. Let your imagination soar!



1st Prize: $500 Visa Giftcard + $500 in ClickUp Credits
2nd Prize: $250 Visa Giftcard + $250 in ClickUp Credits
Questions - Contact:

ClickUp is a powerful, all-in-one productivity platform that helps any software development team optimize their time and maximize their outcome. AKA, ClickUp helps you ship more, faster. Our challenge for you: how can you hack your team's, organization's, or personal productivity by using the ClickUp platform, features, and APIs? Have fun with it! Examples might include automating tedious tasks during your day-to-day, integrating key applications across your tech stack for better visibility, or maybe even using ClickUp with Alexa to make your morning coffee. Out-of-the-box thinking is highly encouraged, most productive & creative ideas win!



Challenge - New Year, New NFTs

1st Prize: 5,000 XRP
Questions - Contact:
What to Build: Build Functional NFTs that span across a full range of use cases

The XRP Ledger - or XRPL - is a decentralized, permissionless, open-source blockchain that anybody can contribute to, develop on, and transact on. []

The XRP Ledger was the first blockchain to allow the tokenization of assets. Regardless of whether the assets are fiat, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, or other forms of tokens, the XRP Ledger's built-in tokenization functionality and built-in decentralized exchange make it ideal for developers to add the decentralized management of tokens to their applications.

This challenge is open to all developers to explore, discover, and build an NFT project on the XRP Ledger. You can use any of the SDKs and APIs [] for the XRP Ledger, both in production and on NFT-Devnet []

This must integrate with, or be built on, the XRP Ledger (XRPL). We recommend using NFT-Devnet (test network)

Start building on the XRPL by first checking out the documentation and resources.



Challenge #1 - Build a serverless application and use Lumigo to monitor and debug.

1st Prize: Couple’s weekend on a destination of your choosing.
2nd Prize: PS5 + 2 controllers
Questions - Contact:

For this challenge, we dare you to build a serverless application using API gateways, Lambda, and any other serverless service you like, that solves a recurring issue in a developer's life, work, and/or code.
We are on the hunt for creative solutions with high complexity.
The application you build must be unique (no forking a repo) and solve a real problem.
Winners will be selected by our Serverless Heroes based on the creativity and complexity of the solution.
We recommend you use Lumigo’s free account for monitoring and debugging.

Happy Hacking!

Challenge #2 - Transactional artwork - Create your first transaction artwork using Lumigo’s mapping tool

1st Prize: 5 Nintendo Switch
2nd Prize: 5 tickets to AWS re:Invent
Questions - Contact:

Build a “Transaction artwork” - the 10 best creative transaction drawings will win.
Design and build a serverless transaction, using any serverless service you may like. Connect Lumigo and go to the System map tab or the Transaction tab to start drawing using your transaction as a canvas.

Don’t forget to choose your service right ;-)

Example of a transactional artwork

Happy Hacking!



Challenge - Crypto Trading Platform

1st Prize: $500 GCP credits, $500 cash prize
2nd Prize: $500 GCP credits
Questions - Contact:

Using a public API of your choice (e.g., build a portfolio management system that enables a user to build a portfolio of crypto assets as well as query current prices and historical data. Use a cloud-native (Google Cloud Platform) architecture (e.g. containerized code, cloud database, scalable, and secure) to display current holdings, trade assets (fake the trades) and show charts/graphs (e.g. Chart.js) of data.